Ventura Independent Beer Enthusiasts

A Homebrew Club in Ventura County, California

Monthly Meeting: August 2017

August 2017 Talk

This meeting focused around a talk on water in brewing from Andy Carter. You can find a copy of that talk here.

News for August 2017:

Ventura County Fair Recap: Judging went very smoothly! We got through all the entries in short order. Thanks to everyone that came out to help, and thanks to the Flairs for coordinating with the VC Fair people.

Pouring Events

Santa Barbara Fermentation Festival: Sunday September 10. We will need people to help pour and of course beer/cider/mead to serve. This is always a fun time. They are changing it up a bit this year, with the alcohol servers more centrally located within the Fest grounds. More foot traffic for us!


Totally Local VC Homebrew Challenge: Sunday September 24. As we did last year, VIBE is helping Totally Local VC put on a Homebrew Challenge Competition during the Taste of Local Festival. Rather than have clubs pour and win prizes, each homebrewer submits their own single beer for competition in a People’s Choice style contest. There is prize money involved for the winner! If you want to enter, please contact for entry info. We are looking for up to 15 people.